A charter flight is a non-scheduled flight that generally takes place outside normal airline schedules and routing. With a charter flight, the whole aircraft is rented by an individual or group, and they can choose their departure and arrival time and locations.

What makes chartering a flight different?

  1. Bespoke travel experience
    A flight experience tailored to suit your needs. With additional concierge fee, we can also arrange for your hotel, transportation, restaurant reservations, and more. Never worry about coordinating with too many people during your trip.
  2. Safety & security
    With over 40 years of experience in providing air charter solutions, we ensure that our aircraft are all regularly maintained by our team of experienced and well-trained aircraft engineers
  3. Efficiency & reliability
    • Our pilots and flight engineers train overseas at least once a year
    • We are under the most reputable conglomerate known for its highest management standards
    • Avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy metro and fly point to point to your destinations. Arrive on time and without worry for your next business appointment.
  4. Privacy
    As we cater to VIP and VVIP clients, we always work to provide utmost discretion and privacy for a worry-free flying experience
  5. Prime Aircraft
    All aircraft in our fleet are company-owned and operated
  6. No Long Queues
    Skip the long terminal queues and board your aircraft in just a few minutes
  7. Fly on Your Own Time
    Schedule your flight at your own convenience
  8. Your Own Personal Space
    Lessen your worries of being affected by virus transmission as you fly only with your companions and the PG1 Crew