By BMPlus

The MVP Group of Companies donated various logistics support to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), to aid in the country’s rescue and relief operations amid the destructive calamities that visit the country this year.

During a turnover event at Camp Aguinaldo, Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan participated in the ceremonial turnover of a helicopter from Pacific Global One (PG1), the aviation group of the MVP Group, after careful selection and assessment by the AFP’s trained pilots.

Other items that were turned over were rescue boats and trucks from Metro Pacific Investments Foundation, PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF), One Meralco Foundation (OMF), and MetroPac Movers Inc.

A consistent partner in the government’s endeavors

After the successive onslaught of typhoons that exacerbated the situation over the pandemic, millions of families lost their homes, their livelihoods, and their loved ones. The most damaging of which, Typhoon Ulysses, devastated the Cagayan province and caused the area to be nearly inaccessible to the Government’s search, rescue, and evacuation operations.

Notwithstanding the Government’s exhaustive efforts to deploy all their available assets to reach isolated areas, the casualties left behind by these calamities are an unfortunate and painful reminder that there is more to be done in terms of disaster and calamity response.

As a consistent partner in the government’s endeavors, the MVP group supplied the agencies with the necessary vehicles to further augment the country’s available resources. “We have always been supportive of Government endeavors, particularly in times of need,” says Pangilinan. “The nationwide presence of our businesses enables us to mobilize resources throughout the country and provides us with the means to augment the Government’s facilities to respond effectively to disasters and calamities.”

Supplementing the PA Hiraya Regiment

The donation of the helicopter will prepare the Army pilots in the Philippine Army’s Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) efforts, Air Ambulance, reconnaissance operation, and further trainings in aviation. It serves as a catalyst for developing the Army’s future rotary aviation and will serve as a springboard to improve the capacity of army aviation in supporting Government agencies in the face of disasters and calamities in the country.

Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Cirilito E. Sobejana says,Althoughour country has faced calamity after calamity this year, we at the Philippine Army are always ready to service our countrymen in whatever capacity we can. We are fortunate to find a comrade in the group of companies and are grateful that they put as much value on these rescue and relief efforts as we do.”

The Philippine Army (PA) Aviation “Hiraya” Regiment was activated on October 2, 2019 and at present commanded by Col. Andre B. Santos. The Regiment was expanded from Army Aviation Battalion and has been instrumental in the Army’s aerial reconnaissance and maritime patrols over Northern Luzon, Eastern Mindanao, and Western Mindanao Command.

The PA is pushing for additional mission essential equipment to develop Hiraya Regiment’s capability of supporting combined operations through the acquisition of Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters, Medium Lift Multi-purpose Helicopters, and Special Mission Aircrafts. In addition to its acquisition projects, the Regiment offers trainings under the Aviator Qualification Course and the Rotary Wing Transition Course to develop the capabilities of its aviation personnel.

Committing to Strengthen Military Treatment Facilities

Pangilinan, who also functions as Chairman of Makati Medical Center, also signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the AFP, represented by Department of National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and AFP Chief of Staff Geb. Gilbert I. Gapay, to reinforce the public-private partnership for the organizational strengthening of their military treatment facilities. The MVP Group is constantly spurring up its relief efforts to reach out to Filipinos affected by natural calamities during the lockdown. The group enjoins all that are capable to embody the value of bayanihan and provide tulong to kapatids who are hardest hit by these difficult times.